This is going to be a short entry. I need to be a bit strict with myself this evening about knuckling down to the final stages of my first draft of the bigger ebook project and not procrastinating by writing too much else. However in the interests of being truthful on the subject of nearing the end of a writing project (well, the first draft anyway!), yesterday there was a bit of VOD in the mix right on queue: oh you can’t say that, oh you can’t leave that out, oh you can’t put that in, oh it’s too tricky to get it right, oh why bother anyway… and so today I decided I MUST wake Barbie up, and get her firing on all cylinders because in the battle against the VOD, she is my saviour every time. I will point out that this is big progress, to actually know how to counter the VOD… I am very determined now, that he will not get the better of me.

This morning I decide not to sit indoors at the blank page because I know that is what VOD wants (so he can beat me up a bit), and instead I set off into the unexpectedly hot sunshine of this late May day to carry out a piece of research for the ebook (thus I am continuing to walk forward), and have some spontaneous fun in the process. I’m making for DNI at Bulnes 1011. I guess you all know DNI is a pretty famous Buenos Aires school of tango nuevo; I’ve never taken a class there, being a bit more traditionally-hearted in my tango – for now at least, but mates of mine have and speak highly of it; Bulnes is their new location; they have a store selling tango shoes and clothes; I want to go and have a chat with them, and check the place out.

On the way, to shake Barbie awake I decide to take three photographs of things I see that make me smile. Here they are:

Yellow leaves

Blue flowers


Once at DNI, the girl on the desk is delightful and she lets me wander all over the building by myself… it’s an old building and has a kind of welcoming rambling feel that I like: lots of stairs, light, fresh air and people dancing on wooden floors. After my wander, I ask the girl to open the shop for me and she does. We chat about classes, prices, how everything is currently based in Bulnes because of the renovations in Corrientes… I ask the price of the women’s shoes. I decide I will try some, just to see if they are comfortable, because I want to write about them and so I need to know. I never thought of buying shoes from DNI before – actually I think women’s shoes are quite a new thing for them. Anyway, apart from 2x4alpie, where I am going next Saturday, I don’t think I have tried on a more comfortable pair of tango shoes. And in the end it turned out, after much help from the lovely girl and a few other friendly folk who wandered in and out, and a visit from one of the cutest dogs I have ever seen (and I am a cat person not a dog person) that they had a pair that fitted me like Cinderella slippers in size 36.5 and that were pink. They were $340 pesos (currently a pretty reasonable price for a Buenos Aires famous name tango shoe) and because I haven’t bought shoes since 2007, and because the Commes I have are now too high and cause me too much pain, and because I have promised myself two pairs of tango shoes that I can actually dance in without needing to take Ibuprofen for the next 5 days… I bought them. Comfort! Fit like a glove! Pink patent leather with bright yellow insoles! Spontaneity! Barbie! Down with VOD!

Me and Barbie decide to celebrate with a Pepsi at a pavement cafe in the sun and end up splashing out on a delicious sandwich of aubergine, tomato, mozzarella and basil. I decide to FORGET how many pesos I’m damn well spending and believe for a moment that there is enough abundance in the world for us all, and to eat some of it right here right now!

Healthy stuff

While we eat we pull a book from our slightly grubby and very loud pink and brown flowery bag. A friend sent me this book from England. I start to read it.

At page 35 I start to cry: I am reading about ‘The hero’s journey’ and The Call to Adventure (perhaps the wake up call), and the book asks me if I have faced my own Call to Adventure, and if I have accepted it. I realise I am crying because I know, I absolutely know I have, and that I am on exactly the right path: suddenly I remember who I am, and how I am living my dreams, and keeping the pen moving and my feet dancing, and taking life as lightly as I am able to in this moment and SOD bloody VOD!

By now, I’m afraid Me and Barbie are in the mood to dance down the escalator to the Subte at Scalabrini Ortiz, we get a seat, we smile at everyone we see, we race home to write our blog thus clearing the way for the bigger project over the weekend and all the other super things we have planned: birthday parties and farewell parties and the absolutely fantastically special second anniversary of Me and C.

I’ve got a few things to thank for this perfect day:

  1. Me. I’ve learned what wakes Barbie up: spontaneity; getting out there and exploring lovely friendly, warm, spacious feeling places; taking photos; anything pink.
  2. My UK mate who was in BsAs, who goes by the gorgeously funky name of SurfFlower, who in connection to this little tale, used to enthuse about what a friendly place DNI was… she was right, and who sent me the book whose page 35 made me cry with joy today.
  3. The universe for providing Buenos Aires with unseasonably high 31º temperatures in late May that called me from my blank page, into the world of research, and walking, and feeling alive.

So to give something back, maybe you’d like to get to your page 35 too. I recommend it. If so, here’s what you’re looking for:

Just wild and true

Wild Love by Gill Edwards.

Oh, and if you want to see the shoes Barbie bought, well, check out the DNI store page here, and find the pink shoes at the bottom. I did try the gorgeous princessy violet ones in the top picture too but alas none in my size, which sort of led me to the pink. But Barbie wanted pink.

Oh, and I know the entry wasn’t short in the end, but it came out fast and true… which more or less amounts to the same thing. Now I’ve cleared the clutter, and I can get back to work!

Happy holiday (25 de Mayo in Argentina, Bank Holiday in UK) weekend to you all, and to ‘your Barbies’. Trust me. Go buy yourself something in your Barbie’s favourite colour tomorrow; even if it only costs a dollar, I guarantee it will make you smile. ;)

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  1. Modern Tanguera’s avatar

    I was grinning ear to ear by the end of this entry! I decided to take a vacation day from work today, and I just finished waking my body up with yoga. I am sipping a pepsi and planning what to wear when I walk out into the brilliant sunshine! I am even planning on treating my Barbie (who loves violet, sage green, and turquoise in almost equal amounts) to a trip to the store–my mom called to tell me about some dresses she saw that she thought I would like, so I’m thinking about ignoring my sense of fiscal responsibility and picking one up for myself!

    There’s something very fun about being on the same wavelength with you, Sally. :) And something very fun about those pink shoes. Lovely!

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hey Modern Tanguera!

      How super to hear about your Barbie’s favourite colours… they sound gorgeous. Mine actually loves turquoise too but I think pink is her ‘Fuck you VOD!’ colour – ‘scuse the lingo! Pink was on my blog right from day one, even before I knew Barbie existed… she was always there.

      Sorry to you and everyone else for delay in replying to comments. I wouldn’t let myself do it until I’d crossed the next hurdle of creativity on the ebook and today I am soooo excited because I managed to get the intro in the bag and with it, out of nowhere popped the title too!!! Honestly Barbie loved those shoes! She is rocking!

      And tonight she’s gonna wear them to dance her anniversary tangos with Carlos! Cannot wait!

      I do hope you treated yourself to that dress ;)


  2. Tina’s avatar

    I cried out of joy and nostalgia at the same time!

    Tina’s last blog post..Notte Sento

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Oh T.
      We miss you too.
      But I’m happy you felt the joy in the post.

      Warm hugs from me and Barbie, to you and yours :)


  3. Surf Flower’s avatar

    Hola linda,

    Wau! que lindo dia disfrutaste hoy en mi querida Buenos Aires. Si, caminas bien derecha ahora y mucho mejor en tus nuevos zapatos pink de DNI!

    Me alegre que por fin probaste DNI Tango. No es tan malo, no?! Aiieee me extraño Astor el perro.

    Bueno, estas siempre en mi corazon. Sigue todo derecha chica.

    SF xxxxx

    1. sallycat’s avatar


      Oh hell, don’t feel like writing in Spanish! So my dearest, I will just say that the book is fabulous, the dog was cute and the shoes are drop dead comfy (as well as being pink and DNI cool).

      Hasta pronto! (Dos meses!!!)


  4. Mike in Van’s avatar

    Hi Sal

    Good for you :-) sounds like you had a great day. ( I have to find a different “great” word. I’m always saying great this, great that…yada yada yada.) Seems like you had a lovely day. And you sound so “perky” on your way home.

    Happy for you.

    Ya I know it’s short, but it’s 1am and I have an hours drive to get home. Had two or three great tandas tonight. (dam there’s that word again :-) )


    1. sallycat’s avatar


      Oh I’m a terror for repeating my ‘happy’ words: gorgeous; fabulous though I change that to fab, fabbo etc; lovely… but then again I get other words that pop up from nowhere and I use them for a while: ‘super’ is one at the moment, because I like the way it sounds so British! Then there are the spanglish ones I invent like ‘impresivo’. Hey why don’t you try inventing some words to give ‘great’ a break!

      So happy you had some fab tandas… oops there I go, fabbing it again. ;) Hope you slept well too and feel refreshed today!


  5. Arlene’s avatar

    Ok, the sandwich made me hungry! The photos were great. The shoes are hot!
    Down with VOD!

    Arlene’s last blog post..B.A. TANGO – Buenos Aires Tango – Latest Edition

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      A. Absolutely, DOWN WITH VOD!

      x SC

  6. tangobaby’s avatar

    I love your pink shoes and am so glad to see that Barbie is helping to keep VOD at bay… you’re doing so much and I can’t wait to see the results. Enjoy your pretty shoes and keep enjoying yourself!

    tangobaby’s last blog post..a new day

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hey TB!

      Oh gosh yes it seems that slowly slowly the results are actually getting there!
      Today I am so excited that a section I just couldn’t get to flow before, flowed, or should I say, flew! I am going to get there TB, and when I do, I am going to have you to thank, because it was you with your ventures into books that kick started me into action – at last – all those months ago.

      What a journey it has been, and it isn’t over yet of course. Yet I think that the project has a momentum of its own now and I’m not sure that even VOD could put a stop to it!

      And every time he tries, I’ll just put on the pretty pink shoes ;)


      1. sallycat’s avatar

        PS. I LOVE that linkwithin plugin you have on your blog. Brilliant, and now I have it too! Couldn’t resist… thx chica x

  7. sallycat’s avatar

    Oh gosh. I’m just about to go out and dance in those pink shoes for the first time, and I realise that the number of the DNI Tango School where I bought them (or rather where Barbie bought them) is 1011, which I’m delighted to say makes 111 which makes double 11 and well, there we have it! Twice my lucky number!
    Just wicked!

    Don’t remember why eleven matters? Here’s the deal:


  8. Xiaosong’s avatar

    Hey, Sally, you are sooo very lovely!

    Yeah, kick arse VOD with pink shoes!!!

    Abrazo tanguero

    Xiaosong’s last blog post..Shanghai Shanghai

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hey Xiaosong in far away Shanghai!
      Ooooo I wore them last night, and danced and danced and flew… !

      Abrazo! SC :)

  9. Tanguero’s avatar

    Excellent blog !!!!!

    I also highly recommend this milonga description:

    Bye bye from Buenos Aires!

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hi Tanguero

      Thank you for the link to what looks like a very interesting blog, and article. Will read it more carefully tomorrow when am more awake and can take in the Spanish. But loving the link to the French born living in Buenos Aires tango shoe designer already.

      Take a look my dear readers (It’s in English):

      I will have to investigate further ;)

      Thank you for stopping by and for commenting, and really happy you like the blog!


      1. jamesy’s avatar

        Hi Sal
        You really are a fantastically strong and controlled woman.
        I am not talking about the Tango and the Writing which you have managed to bring together, and now seem to have balanced and controlled despite the efforts of VOD.
        I am talking about the fact that you are surrounded by Tango shoes, the like of which are not seen in the UK and you managed to not purchase since 2007, now that is will power of the epic kind and we salute you.
        The pink shoes look fab, and if they are comfortable what a bonus.
        Keep up the good work you are an inspiration in the way you manage to convey your ongoing journey with such super insights into Life, Love and the Universe.
        yours JB

        1. sallycat’s avatar

          Oh jamesy
          Accompanying visiting friends to tango shoe shops and not buying myself for 18 months was at first torture, but later it became easier and I stopped being jealous. It kind of made think about what really really mattered to me in a tango shoe and maybe even about what really mattered! Actually the whole experience of that was rather interesting, and it went way beyond tango shoes – perhaps a subject for a blog post one day…

          Thanks for what you say about my writing being an inspiration – now that does matter to me, because it puts a big smile on my face!

          Incidentally that is a rather super wedding flower website you have there. Just beautiful.
          And completely loving the ‘trulymadlydeeply’ name and the website name – oh so my philosophy for life and love these days.

          Un abrazo, SC

  10. Sophie’s avatar

    Hi Sally
    A great little book to wring the neck of VOD for once and for all:
    So you don’t fight with it all the time, you just eliminate it
    Un abrazzo muy tanguero

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Ah Sophie
      Thx. I took a look at it on Amazon and I like the look of it, so when I’m back in the UK this summer and can walk into Waterstones and buy books with ease it’s a must.
      I can’t quite imagine eliminating VOD – is it really possible that he will ever completely disappear, never to return?
      For now though I have definitely developed some strategies for negating him and he does disappear for much longer periods, completely suffocated by Barbie… so maybe it is possible! I look forward to finding out.

      Did you successfully use the book to eliminate your VOD?

      In anycase reading about the VODs is fascinating, so I will definitely give the book a go.
      Un abrazo!


  11. Janey B’s avatar

    On half term and just catching up on your blog. Lovely to read your stuff, see you barbie-ing; just doing your thing. The massive candy floss photo is great! It makes me laugh and think of Great Yarmouth and all the fairs I’ve been with you; my funky, slighty crazy, creative, joyful sister. Delighted to know your book is taking the kind of shape you want it to, that your work was saved from the computer graveyard and that VOD is being shut up. Good to recognise the continuity writing in all its forms has given you; thanks for sharing it with us x

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Oh darling
      How super to hear your voice that on the phone sounds exactly like mine!
      Yep pink candy floss is ME isn’t it… fun fairs on the common, roller coasters, penny slot machines in Tommy’s on the prom when we were kids – those are the stuffs of my heart and that paint bits of the slightly eccentric picture that is indeed the person I am. And I love her more and more each day. It is so wonderful to have given myself permission to ‘do my thing’ in life. And that you (and the rest of my amazing family) have supported me with cheers and applause and hugs and trips to the Foreign Office in Milton Keynes (M&D this week!) every step of the way is a lesson to me in how to set those I love free to be themselves. That is the sort of love I want in my life… that is the love I want to give too.
      You guys back in England inspire me every day. How is Sam Brady getting on in his quest to follow his dreams to be a stand up comedian? I so hope I will get a chance to see him in action when I am back in just a couple of MONTHS!!! That’s if we have time between abseiling off the Pembrokeshire cliffs and practicing our Debbie Harry numbers for the big fiesta! Can’t wait to be with you and Jo, fighting over which song we’re gonna do! Yippee!!! Love ya!

      Hugest wild love, SC

  12. Tangobob’s avatar

    I have just checked the DNI site out, how on earth have we missed it, right opposite Disco where we do most of our shopping.
    Top of my must do list for October.
    Besos Bob

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Oh Bob, bloody hell! Well by October I’ll have tested those DNI shoes to the limit, so I’ll be able to give you my final word!
      Think they had some nice men’s stuff too.

      Hope UK not too much of a shock to the system, though I understand the weather is lovely there – damn chilly here, although the sun is working hard as always!
      See you there or here!


      1. Tangobob’s avatar

        He he, we are having a heat wave now. Not much fun when you are in a factory, but Viv is loving it. I’ll send you a ball of sunshine to keep you going until you get here.


        1. sallycat’s avatar

          Ah ta Bob!
          I’ve now dug out my full length puffa coat with fake fur trimmed hood!

          Roll on my very own English summer!


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