About a month ago in England (I’m safely back in Buenos Aires now) a magician from Preston gave me a star. He magicked it out of some very ordinary looking beige elastic bands, just for me.
I’ve never seen real magic up close before, but for my whole life I’ve longed to. In my time I’ve been at parties, weddings, and corporate dos where there were magicians, but they never came near. So this magician from Preston made one of my childhood dreams come true. When he’d finished making my day, his star lay implausible, impossible even, yellow and five pointed, forged from elasticity in my hand. Barbie shrieked with delight, and I saw the little elastic band star as gold.

Just minutes before, I hadn’t even met the magician. I was at a tea party, hosted in Shrewsbury Castle by the Mayor and Mayoress of Shrewsbury, who at the moment happen to be my lovely Mum and Dad. I was joining in. I could have half joined in… sat on my seat in the reception salon of the tower (where apparently a new loo was once fitted for the visit of the Queen), eaten my scone, drunk my tea, and watched my Mum and Dad make all the effort. In fact I did exactly that for a few minutes… yes I chatted a bit to the people next to me, but to be honest in my momentary lethargy I saw the pretty ordinary looking strangers on the other side of the room as exactly that. Pretty ordinary strangers. Why bother to shift my arse and push my boundaries beyond my nice little clotted cream tea comfort zone in the corner when I was never going to see them again?

For a while I sat there in Shrewsbury Castle with that negative train of thought running through week two of my return to England. As I did so, I looked at my Mum and Dad with pride. They had fourteen unfamiliar faces to chat to, and they were making a brilliant job of it. How inspiring to watch people connecting, engaging, being interested in each other…

And then Barbie piped up,

Yes exactamundo Sallycat. What the hell are you doing? In Buenos Aires you’d be talking to these people not just staring at them… you’d be finding out who they are, why aren’t you doing it here too? Where have you gone Sallycat? This is the old you: the ‘oh it’s easier not to’ you, the ‘oh I haven’t got anything interesting to say’ you, the ‘easier, softer and infinitely more boring way’ you. Wake up! Explore! Adventure! Be curious… don’t let your soul sleep just because you’re in the UK! Wake up Sallycat! You might be missing out on magic!

As it turned out, I was. The voice of my very own dear Inner Artist Barbie was spot on. In amongst those strangers on the other side of the castle tower, hiding beneath his coach driving day job, was an Absolutely Bloody Brilliant Barbie Award-worthy mago (as we say in Argentina), and because I made the choice to join in and talk to him, I discovered him, and magic was mine.

Once, a rather long time ago now, I got off the arse of my life, chose to join in with the plans of the universe and flew to Argentina to dance tango. To be honest, magic has been mine ever since… as long as I’ve been open to it.

Here (because a few of you asked, and because it’s wonderful to be able to share a happy moment on my journey) is a video of Me and C. dancing. We’ve never danced for an audience before. Actually we’ve never danced in a big empty space before. We were were joining in the family entertainment at my Mum and Dad’s Golden Wedding Party. My Dad had just announced that we were officially novios. It was the happiest night of my life (so far).

There are two tunes, a tango and a vals.

The Happy Tango moment that this little video (homemade by me and Barbie on the AppleMac) records, kind of reminds me of the magician from Preston conjuring up his gold star from nothing more than a few beige elastic bands: two slightly nervous tango dancers, a couple of tracks of music, a crowd of people, an uncle (thank you dear Uncle Bill) behind the camera… on the face of it pretty ordinary ingredients; the smile on Sallycat by the applause at the end… oh who cares what the dancing was like eh? You tell me if that smile ain’t magic.

Click here to whizz over to You Tube and see it.

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  1. Jo’s avatar

    Having shared that night’s experience with you, I can confirm that it – and you – were truly magical. Thanks for holding out that star for us all to share. Missing you and C. – but the video a wonderful capture of a magical moment in a wonderful summer shared with you both.

    Much love – Jo x

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Jo. My little sis. Magical it was, not least because those ‘people’ I mentioned in the same sentence as ‘beige elastic bands’ were not really that ordinary at all were they… no indeed: they were you lot! Our family and friends of our family, egging us on, loving us, laughing with us, believing in us and our dance. As we believe in yours.

      We miss you. Very much. But you are with us always. SC

  2. jamesy’s avatar

    Bloody Hell I go away for a couple of weeks and miss all the action
    You did warn us that things were afoot and we are so happy that it has worked out so as to give you not the fairytale ending, but the fairytale beginning. What comes next? Who knows?
    but it will be fun.
    Videos are a joy to watch going back for another go
    Lots of love

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hi jamesy, hope you’ve had a nice holiday if that’s what you’ve been up to.
      Mine was pretty cool as you can see! What a shame I can’t whizz your wife over here to conjure me up a magical wedding bouquet eh?

      Yes what will come next? It’ll be fun finding out I reckon. For now I’ll concentrate on finding out how one actually goes about getting married in Argentina, and getting that damn book published before Christmas!

      And whatever happens, I’ll write about it here.
      Hugs, SC

      1. Jamesy’s avatar

        Dont give up on the bouquet where there’s a will there’s a way, in the mean time think about it over the coming months, what your ideal bouquet would be. We have just done a Wedding full of Hedgerow Flowers and bits like Old Mans Beard and some Wild Hops it looked fab I will let you know when the pics get uploaded

        1. sallycat’s avatar

          Aaaah JB. Sooooooo lovely – that made me smile. Me and Barbie will put our heads together! ;)
          Hug, SC

  3. Will’s avatar

    Sally – I am so absolutley delighted for you both; I still cant believe what has happened to you. The whole artist/freedom bit makes more and more sense to me as time goes on.

    SO pleased……..

    lossaluv & God bless


    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Will, my darling man, your blessings are very welcome because I happen to know that they come straight from God. Thank you.
      I am happy beyond my imaginings, and yep it’s got a lot to do with the whole artist/freedom bit. I’ve learned that I need to feel free, that I need love that encourages and allows my artist soul to fly free, and I believe that I have found it.

      I’m sorry that we missed you in England, and that you didn’t get to meet C. I think you would like him.

      Next time eh? Thank you so much for letting me know you read this post. It means a lot to me. A very lot!

      Warmest hugs, SC

    2. sallycat’s avatar

      PS. Come and visit us one day. x.

  4. Kieron’s avatar

    I watched Carlos strutting his stuff, and how it made me smile. I have only ever seen him dancing with composure and care, both in Argentina and on his visits over here.

    I don’t know how you got him to do it, but it is nice to see he has some spice for special occasions! Give the old devil a slap on the back for me.

    I wish you both a good trip back to South America, while I start my own adventure in Germany.

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hey K.
      I translated your comment and slapped him on the back and he says to tell you that it was the space… he had room to let go. I understand what he means… he’s normally having to protect the woman from the swirl of couples on the milonga floor right? He actually surprised me during the performance with a few things he’s never done before… spinning his own particular brand of tango and vals magic to the music he adores.

      It was fun! Hope you have fun in Germany… is that a long term adventure or a holiday – can’t remember if you mentioned it to me because I was too busy loving dancing with you. Keep me informed yeah?

      Besitos from los dos, SC

  5. Mike in Van’s avatar

    Dear Sal

    Oh thank god your home, Now can we get back to regular posts? If you had been gone much longer I would have had to go out and get a life of my own….Just kidding. but you are living an awesome life and I do love reading about the magic. Watching you reinvent your life has shown me that it can be done. With purpose and direction and a little bit of life’s magic thrown in, you can do wonderful things, go amazing places and meet people you could normally only dream of. That’s not to say it’s easy. Anyone who has followed your blog knows the turns and twist, up’s and down that you have gone through. So to see you dancing with your love, surrounded by love, and dancing so beautifully has given me great joy. I thank you, once again, from the bottom of my heart, for sharing your journey with us.

    But it’s funny how it seems everything in life has two sides to each coin. In watching you build a new life,it has caused me to ask questions in my life. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but as you already know it can be a hard thing. And so I find myself inspired to try and answer some of those questions. A poem that was written about 20 years ago spoke of “Questions, questions of the heart” and I never really knew what she was talking about. I think I might be starting to learn. Maybe “then” just wasn’t the time. Maybe “now” is.

    I’m so glad you were able to find video of your dance with C. And video of such high quality is a surprise and a treat. My compliments to your Uncle Bill. He did a superb job.
    And my compliments to you and C, you look smashing. (would that be the correct use of that word?) And yes that smile is pure MAGIC


    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hey mj,
      Back to regular posts? Oh my God… now the pressure’s on!
      You know what? Hearing you say that watching my journey has led you to question your own… that makes me very happy indeed.
      In my wildest dreams sharing my experiences impacts in the most positive possible way on the lives of others. But these are the sort of dreams that sometimes cause me (VOD) say, Oh who do you think you are Sallycat to imagine that you, little old you, can inspire, make people stop and think, cause anyone else at all to consider walking a path closer to their heart, their soul, their dreams…?
      But you know what these days, now and again, people tell me that I actually have or do, and that makes my soul and Barbie sing. We can live all our dreams, even that one. Even that one. But, I do know better than anyone that the questions can be tough and sometimes the courses of action painful… but the rewards… bloody priceless! To hear the sound of my soul singing, well that really is magic and worth every step I’ve walked. Sometimes I say that I may have walked through fire, but now I’m on fire. I wouldn’t swap that incredible feeling of being energised and in touch with the universe for anything.

      So glad the video did not disappoint. Hope you liked the magical Barbie inspired red curtains! ;)

      So mj, I say walk on. Walk on, and get used to hearing the sound of your own soul sing.

      Un abrazo fuerte, SC

  6. Arlene’s avatar

    Glad you are back home safe and sound. Loved the video. That is one of my favorite vals. Love to you and C.
    (Might have some good news of my own soon re: my house. Keep fingers crossed)
    A xx
    .-= Arlene´s last blog ..River Tango 2009 – 10th to 13th September =-.

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hi A.

      Brilliant that some good news may be on its way. I have everything crossed for you!
      Yes we are safe and sound back home. I’ve taken it slow, eased in gradually, not danced yet… enjoying thinking about it though! Tomorrow I think.
      Delighted you enjoyed the video. It’s so brilliant to have a live record of an incredibly happy time. In moments like that my Grandad used to say, May this be the unhappiest moment of your life!!! I used to puzzle over that when I was a kid. Now I know what he meant.

      Suerte with everything, SC

  7. tangobob’s avatar

    Hi Sal
    I am so glad you managed to get a video of your dance, it would have been such a shame for it to go unrecorded. The love shines through from both of you. Why were you ever worried, you looked wonderful. In fact I would say you were Magic.
    Besos to you both, Bob
    .-= tangobob´s last blog ..Have I lost the spark? =-.

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hi Bob
      Thank you! Yes I am delighted we managed to get this night on film. It’s concrete proof that love and joy exist! And yes, Magic!
      Till soon, warm hug, SC

  8. Deb Cooke’s avatar

    Truly wonderful dancing and so wonderful to spend time with you in Shrewsbury. Our only regret is that we missed the Golden Wedding and sharing it with you. Absolutely certain the future is going to be magical for you both!

    Loads of love and hugs my special friend

    Deb x

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hi dear Deb

      How lovely to come home and find your comment. So glad you saw us dance even if it wasn’t live… next time :)
      Maybe you and your love will be tempted to try it yourselves one day eh? And if you do, the very friendly folk at Shrewsbury Tango await!
      Here’s the link just in case…

      Love you girlie, your pal, SC

  9. Rachel’s avatar

    Just watched the video and it is soooooo lovely! Thanks for sharing such a special moment with us all. And yes, the smile says it all. Just magic. And a star (even two of them). XXR

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hey R.
      So happy you watched and enjoyed! We loved dancing it. A truly perfect moment of magic when I think we both reached for the stars and touched them :)

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