A plea from England. Tell me when…

Who will be first to tell me that they have received their copy of Happy Tango by post from an online retailer?

And will it be delivered by The Book Depository (who offer free shipping to many countries — but alas it seems, not yet Argentina — and show the book as ‘usually dispatched within 48 hours’), or by amazon.co.uk (who say the book will be dispatched in 10-13 days), or by amazon.com(who list the book as ‘in stock’)? Exciting times in the life of Happy Tango, no?

I’m ruling my family out of the race. We’ve had two copies delivered already — the proof copy number one and the proof copy number two — and as I’ve now approved the final proof and the book is at last available to print for real, I’ve today ordered 120 copies and I should get those next week. I can make a bit more cash selling hand to hand, of course, which is fab for me because, in the end, the book has probably cost me at least a couple of grand (British) to date, along with knocking on for a couple of years of work time. But, I’ll be delighted to sell copies online via the big retailers, as that way I can get the book all over the world and into the hands of as many tango dancers as possible. Course, I’d love to be able to travel to each of you with a book in my own hand, but for now, alas, it’s probably out of the question.

The first people to buy direct from me will probably be a few of the lovely dancers from the weekly summer practica at Shrewsbury Tango. This Thursday I was lucky enough to have the chance to lead an hour long session with them on the subject of how we might be able to learn to deepen our connection in the embrace when dancing tango socially… oh gosh, it was sooo fab — thank you, you open-minded students, you were all so brilliantly receptive and willing to try out my ideas. And, you have left me with so much to think about: watching you breathing together, in embraces closer than, perhaps, some of you had ever tried before, to the exquisite sounds of Miguel Caló, almost moved me to tears. And, when we spoke together at the end of the class on the subject of just what an amazing privilege it is to hold another tango dancer in our arms… well, the understanding in the room was almost tangible enough to be touched. It was the strangest feeling to hear people applauding me at the end of the session, and as we sat chatting in the pub afterwards, it slowly began to sink in that I had just completed the first step (and passed the first test, in terms of how successful the session had been) along the path of one of my dreams — to do my bit to enable more British dancers to freely and easily and naturally give and receive the gift when dancing Argentine tango.

To be perfectly honest, I have never really wanted to teach tango. And, in the conventional sense of the word, I still don’t. But, I think you already know, I am passionate about discovering whether connection in tango can be encouraged and better understood earlier in the process of learning to dance tango… and on Thursday’s evidence, I think maybe it can be, and maybe it can be by me. I had hoped so, but now I am a little closer to knowing so. Dave and Alison, at Shrewsbury Tango, thank you for inviting me into your tango community and giving me the chance to share some of my ideas with you all. Me and C. plan to be there next week, if life events allow, to enjoy Sharon‘s super teaching and your great selection of traditional tango music, and I’ll have copies of Happy Tango in hand… people, if you are going to be there and would like a copy, please bring £14.99 (I’ll have pennies to give in change!) and of course, if you would like, I’d be delighted to write a personal message in the book for you.

On the online front, I can’t yet be too sure when people’s orders for Happy Tango will start being fulfilled. In theory, it’s available to print as orders come in (the book is being produced via a print-on-demand system), and the fact that online retailers are beginning to list the book as ‘in stock’ means that info is starting to filter through from my printer/distributor. This is good news. I’ll be keeping an alert eye open of course and will give the latest information as I get it, here on Happy Tango’s website.

Meanwhile in warm and pleasant Inglaterra, Me and C. are going to be staying with my folks for a while. For reasons I don’t really want to go into right now, they need us this summer in ways we could never have predicted. It’s perfect timing that my most intensive work on Happy Tango is over, so that I can relax a bit and concentrate on being fully present with my family. Or at least I will be able to once I get word from you that the book is in your hands (and that one or two of you like it!).

So friends, from wherever you are in the world, to Shopshire, England, far far away, please do take a minute to tell me when…

If you haven’t ordered Happy Tango yet, and you would like to… here are the links:

Happy Tango from The Book Depository (who offer free shipping to many countries)

Happy Tango from amazon.co.uk

Happy Tango from amazon.com

Thank you!



  1. Mark’s avatar

    Yay! This is so cool :-)
    I’ve ordered one from Amazon.co.uk for delivery to a UK address, so I won’t actually get it in my hands for a while. But I’ll let you know when it gets delivered.

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Thank you Mark!
      I know you will keep me informed :)
      It’s the strangest thing, waiting for people to buy, receive and read the book.
      Thanks for being one of my test readers along the way, and for so kindly telling people about the book.
      I really do appreciate it.
      Hug, SC

  2. Dave and Alison’s avatar

    Sally, we think the readers of your blog should know that you are a very talented teacher as well as writer. Your descriptions and demonstrations of the embrace and musicality of the milongueros and its effect on your life inspired over 30 people in Middle England, not an easy task. It is a great boost for those of us who believe undiluted Social Tango can be taught (with the right teachers and support).
    We have already had requests for further sessions,from both the men and the women, which should follow on naturally and enable you to develop more of your ideas. Dave and Alison – ShrewsburyTango

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hello Dave and Alison of ShrewsburyTango!
      What an absolutely brilliant comment to receive! Thank you so much!
      The hour I spent working with your tango community was one of my happiest since arriving in the UK. Bringing a passion, that I have felt in my heart for so long, to a group of receptive students in England, was a dream come true for me. In the process, I remembered that I am a trained teacher (I knew those years in the classroom would come in handy one day) and perhaps that to teach something that I believe in so passionately may be one of the gifts that I am destined to give to the world. Thank you both, from my heart, for giving me the chance to try communicating my ideas in such a supportive environment.
      It would be wonderful to work some more with your community in the pursuit of spreading the concept of blissful, musical, social tango danced to gorgeous and inspiring traditional tango music, to all who want to receive it!
      Warm abrazos to you both and see you very soon, SC

  3. Alan’s avatar

    Hey Sally,

    I pre-ordered on amazon.co.uk a while back, and they just sent me an email to say that I should receive it between 25 July and 3 August.

    Will let you know when it arrives! I’m glad I’ll be able to get it here before I go back to Buenos Aires :-)

    Take care,

    .-= Alan´s last blog ..Private Tours in Buenos Aires =-.

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hi Alan!
      Ta… I am hopeful you might get it before that. Will be doing all I can to make it so :) !
      Am having an excited moment right now because I just saw that today Happy Tango is very happily having a moment at the dizzy heights of being #1 in Bestsellers in Dance on Amazon in the UK – look everyone, here is the proof… http://twitpic.com/24dchx Cool, no? Gotta celebrate the ups, right?
      ps. We went to Brick Lane in London and found Gaston and the choripan. Ta for that tip! Wow, what is Brick Lane like on Sundays eh? I was amazed, and probably ate myself enormous – so many incredible foods to choose from. Ta for the brilliant tip.
      Hasta prontisimo my friend, SC

      1. Alan’s avatar

        That’s really fantastic being numero uno in the Dance section on Amazon UK! Well done!!!

        Glad you were able to check out Brick Lane and the choripan, and meet Gaston. It is a great place to be on a Sunday, and even better with the lovely weather we’re continuing to have at the moment :-)

        Take care Sally!

        .-= Alan´s last blog ..Private Tours in Buenos Aires =-.

        1. Alan’s avatar

          Well, Amazon.co.uk just sent me an email to say that it has been despatched. They are still saying that the expected delivery date is the 28th July, but surely it will arrive before then, unless they are sending it on the back of a mule. Looking forwarding to reading your book soon Sally! :-)
          .-= Alan´s last blog ..Private Tours in Buenos Aires =-.

          1. sallycat’s avatar

            So good to hear this Alan. And you made me laugh there too with your reference to the mule…
            Lemme know when the book finally arrives! :)

            1. Alan’s avatar

              Hi Sally,

              Well, I finally got my hands on your book today!!! :-) It’s great to hold the physical product all of your hard work and inspiration in my hands, and it looks great.

              Looking forward to delving into it – I’m sure it will provide me with a lot of good info to help any of my clients that have an interest in tango, and of course I’ll recommend the book to them too!

              Not sure when exactly arrived, as I’ve been away in London since last Thursday – so perhaps it did actually arrive today via mule! I asked my mum and she wasn’t sure when it arrived in my absence, as I had quite a few books arriving from Amazon over the last week. Anyway, the important things is that I now have it!

              Congrats once more! :-)

              Hope all is good with you and C,

              .-= Alan´s last blog ..Private Tours in Buenos Aires =-.

              1. sallycat’s avatar

                Hi Alan, great to hear that you have Happy Tango at last, and that you are looking forward to dipping into it :)
                I soooo hope that you enjoy the book and that you feel that I have done justice to our beloved Buenos Aires!
                I will look forward to hearing your reaction to the book in due course, perhaps over that coffee in BsAs, if not before.
                Un abrazo fuerte, SC

                1. Alan’s avatar

                  Cool. Will let you know my thoughts when I’ve read it – it should be a good book for the long flight to Buenos Aires I have in just over a couple of week’s time!

                  Looking forward to that long-awaited coffee in BsAs ;-)

                  Un abrazo,

                  .-= Alan´s last blog ..Private Tours in Buenos Aires =-.

  4. Julie-Anne’s avatar


    What a wonderful read to accompany my porridge this morning. It’s so exciting that you have your next project lined up already – and I can see you imparting this crucial information so brilliantly. It’s like when ancient spiritual teachings become available for the masses, when the time is right – you’re demystifying the magical, often unverbalised, ingredients of tango. Can’t wait to chat!

    Much love,

    .-= Julie-Anne´s last blog ..Not all is what it seems =-.

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hi J-A!
      Thank you for your encouraging words. Well I mean to say, your VERY encouraging words! Gracias, my friend.
      You heard me talk about my ideas as they formed and it’s really brilliant to be sharing now the first steps of the ideas turning into something more concrete. It is the way of following one’s dreams isn’t it? It all sort of begins to unfold, if we just keep at it!
      Huge abrazo, SC

    2. sallycat’s avatar

      ps. OMG, I just saw your latest photo of Recoleta Cemetery. People, it’s stunning! Go take a look here:

  5. Katie’s avatar

    OMG!! It’s finally in print! I’ll have to order one when back in the States for good. SOOOO excited for you Miss Sally. Hope your trip is going well. What hard work, and now worth it, no?? :)

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hello Katie!
      Yes, the book being in print is indeed fab news. Just waiting for the first one to arrive to a real customer… or at least to a real customer who leaves a comment here and tells me so! Now that will be cause to celebrate!!! I keep meaning to write a little update for the Writers’ Group – will try to do it this week.
      Miss you all – please give my love to all if you go on Wednesday…
      Un abrazo fuerte, SC

  6. jamesy’s avatar

    Hi Sal
    Just to let you know this was recd at the weekend from Amazon

    Dear Customer,

    Greetings from Amazon.co.uk.

    Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on June 28 2010.

    Sally Blake “Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires”
    Estimated arrival date: July 26 2010 – August 03 2010

    With regard to ‘The gift’ the embrace or the cuddle whatever you want to call it I agree this should be explained and taught much earlier in one’s tango journey. It is explained at the beginning when really you do not understand the relevence of it to you dance. But it is getting better there are teachers out there that are beginning to really get into the embrace
    Have a great holiday and look after your family
    Luv JB

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hello JB
      Ta for the update. Really, I hope you get it a bit quicker than that. Lemme know if you do!
      The workshop I taught was a really great experience for me… although I was teaching, I was also learning from those amazing students, some of whom had been dancing years and others just weeks. It was a real privilege to have them put their trust in me.
      I can’t write more tonight, as am pretty sleepy! But, I am so grateful for your continued support and encouragement. Thank you JB.
      A warm abrazo, SC

  7. elizabeth brinton’s avatar

    I ordered mine today on Amazon.com (US), and looking forward to having it in my hands! So proud of you Sally, so happy for you,
    .-= elizabeth brinton´s last blog ..Postcards from Penelope =-.

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hello dear E.
      Thank you so much! I hope it comes soon, that you enjoy reading and that one day it comes in useful if you make another trip to BsAs and… I get to meeeeet you! :)
      You support over the years (gosh is it really years???) has been so welcome and I want to hug you for real, and say thanks in person.
      Maybe one day, too, I will get the chance to visit your own very-special-sounding tango community. It would be such a joy.
      Huge warm hug, SC

  8. Debbi’s avatar

    My copy arrived today. All shiny and new! :-D with a photo of a gorgeous couple on the cover!! :-D

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Debbi!!! OMG. That’s fabulous! You are the 1st to say you have a copy! Very very exciting.
      Now I really really am an author of a real real book.
      Would you consider sending me a picture of you with the book in your hand near something that says Boston or something American… would be so cool… possibly to be published on The (Happy Tango) Updates blog? (Oh now I am being an excited first time author aren’t I? Ah well, I’m allowed, and if you’d rather not, I totally understand)
      Thank you for letting me know, my friend.
      I know you read it a few months ago, but it looks different now, doesn’t it? I hope you enjoy it!

      1. Debbi’s avatar

        I would love to! how fun!!
        And yes, it will certainly be a different read being in my hands with pages to turn as opposed to on my Mac… ;-)

        1. sallycat’s avatar

          Brilliant! I am thinking of various fun things I can do with mapping locations of readers on Google maps or featuring them on the Happy Tango blog… this part is fun, and so, so welcome! You have to celebrate moments like these, don’t you? Thanks for understanding and playing along with my excitement!

  9. elizabeth brinton’s avatar

    I woke up to a package from Amazon! Inside? a friend’s snappy red book all ready to crack open and to enjoy with my coffee! I am thinking of what a gift this is for those wandering into what can be a daunting world, and how much fun and happy tango will come from this. Brilliant!
    I am having a little Donato here with my Sallycat.
    .-= elizabeth brinton´s last blog ..Postcards from Penelope =-.

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      E! Oh so great to get your comment and know that Happy Tango is with you at last… and that at first glance you think it looks like it might do a good job for a few people. That, above all, is my wish.
      I will leave you to read, and I hope, to enjoy!
      Thank you believing in me enough to buy a copy. I really appreciate it.
      Un abrazo fuerte, SC

  10. Matthew Cooper’s avatar

    Thank you Amazon! We now have our very own copy too. The only reason I’m not reading it right now is that Nikki got to it first…

    Maybe I’ll have to buy my own copy as well…?

    Looks fab, Sally, as you well know!

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Oh Matthew, that is brilliant news – this means that Amazon UK have delivered too, yes?
      Very very happy to hear it, and hope you enjoy this finished book as much as the copy you so kindly test drove for me a while a go :)
      Thank you for buying, I really appreciate it, SC

  11. Paula’s avatar

    I’m hoping it ships out snappily – I ordered it last night from The Book Depository in the vague hope it might arrive in New Zealand before we fly off to BA on the 30th (our first time there!).

    Fingers crossed!

    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Paula, how super to know you ordered from NZ… pls do let me know when it arrives, and I sincerely hope it does do, before you leave for Buenos Aires. As first-timers there, it will be so great for you, as it really is the book I wish that I had had, my very first time around. I have absolutely written Happy Tango for people just like you. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful.
      Un abrazo, SC

      1. Paula’s avatar

        I’ll let you know as soon as it gets here – hopefully that won’t be the day after a leave! No, positive thinking, it’ll get here by the middle of next week and I can read it in airports…

        1. Paula’s avatar

          Woo! It’s arrived! Just in the nick of time – today is the last mail delivery before we jump on the plane to BA tomorrow. Guess what I’ll be reading on the way there….

          1. sallycat’s avatar

            Paula! Sooooo delighted to hear that Happy Tango has arrived in New Zealand and that you have it in your hand luggage!
            You are, I think, the very first person to buy the book and head off to BsAs to explore using it. Very very exciting. I will look forward to hearing how you get on and how the book helps you. Please let me know how it all goes, and if you are willing, please take a few pictures of you and the book in BsAs… that’d be very cool indeed.
            Have an amazing time :)
            Un abrazo, SC

  12. Terry’s avatar

    Hi Sally

    I ordered your excellent book from the BookDepository. It took 3 days to arrive. See my review. I shall recommend it to all my tango friends. Well done.


    1. sallycat’s avatar

      Hi Terry,
      This is brilliant news! Thank you so much :)
      The first customer review, and it’s a cracking one! Thank you for buying, for reading and for taking the time to make yours the first review on the Book Depository… everyone, you can read Terry’s enthusiastic words here: http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/book/9780956530608/Happy-Tango
      It is just so, so wonderful to hear that you liked my book and that you will recommend it to your tango friends. I could not ask for more. Thank you!

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