Coming to Buenos Aires to dance Argentine tango?

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If you’ve found Sallycat’s Adventures you might be thinking of travelling to Buenos Aires, perhaps for the first time, to dance Argentine tango. That’s exactly what I did in 2007. You can read the first ever post I wrote on this blog where I revealed my original plan, here.

When I arrived in Argentina, I didn’t have friends in town, speak Spanish or dance terribly well… I was almost a complete beginner. It took me months to gather my confidence, get to grips with the ‘cabeceo’ (eye-contact contract to dance), and work out which milongas I liked. You might only have a couple of weeks. That’s why I wrote Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires. Its mission, to help you find your dancing feet as fast as possible in what might seem a very foreign tango culture, especially in the most traditional tango venues.

Happy Tango was first published in paperback in June 2010 and is available worldwide via Amazon and other major online retailers. It has received over fifty 5* reviews on Amazon worldwide. It was given a great review in the UK Dance Today Magazine. It is regularly recommended in the Lonely Planet Buenos Aires City Guide. The second edition was published in 2012 and the Kindle version in January 2013.

To keep readers up to date about changes in Buenos Aires that affect the book’s content, there is an Updates Blog and a Facebook Page. However, I did write Happy Tango to be useful even in the face of inevitable changes on the ground; much of the book delivers strategic and cultural advice which remains as current as the day I wrote it.

Happy Tango has been tried and tested by hundreds of Argentine tango dancers from all over the world, and it has proved itself to be an ultra-useful practical guidebook. It’s written in a chatty, accessible style which allow readers to feel that they have a happy, generous-hearted and experienced friend alongside them as they set out on their tango adventures in Buenos Aires. Even if you’re not a tango dancer yet, but feel drawn to knowing a little more about the sensual dance that offers a closeness in its embrace that beguiles and bewitches men and women alike, Happy Tango will be a great starting point and might even have you longing to come to Buenos Aires yourself.

Hear me interviewed by John McCarthy about coming to Buenos Aires to dance the Argentine Tango on Radio 4’s Excess Baggage programme, the programme was broadcast live on Saturday 29th October 2011; the tango item follows an interview with transoceanic solo-rower Roz Savage; listen here.

Please buy your paper version of the book before travelling as the paperback is not available in Buenos Aires.

Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires
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