Me Dancing

Me in El Garage Me and Carlos in Soho Cabrera

So what’s the story?

First tango lesson October 3rd 2006. Five months learning tango in England. Arrived in Buenos Aires 9th March 2007. Started lessons with Ariel Yanovsky. These videos record my story after arriving in Argentina: at 8 weeks, at 16 weeks, at 7 months (one year dancing) and finally, at almost one year of being taught by Ariel. The most recent video of me dancing with Ariel, filmed by Catrin Strong in February 2008, is at the top…

… well almost at the top. In September 2009 I added another video. This one’s of Me and C. (that is Me and mi amor, my Argentine, Carlos). On 22nd August 2009 we danced for my Mum and Dad’s Golden Wedding Fiesta in Shrewsbury, England. We had a bit of space on the dance floor for the first time ever. We had our favourite music. We had people who loved us in the room. It was magic.

And why the videos?

It’s fun to remember.

The video links:

Me and C. after almost 3 years dancing (me)… but it’s kind of gone beyond time now to be honest. It’s just part of me.

Sally and Ariel: Mediodia de viernes, after almost 1 year

Sally and Ariel: an improvised tango after 7 months

Sally and Ariel: La Cumparsita (choreographed)  after 7 months

Sally and Ariel: after 16 weeks

Sally and Ariel: after 8 weeks

And these are some of the more significant thoughts I’ve had about tango on my Buenos Aires tango journey as written on this blog:

April 2010: The milongueros I love – The Gift (Part 1)

April 2009 (proving that time solves all): When tango cultures work it out

April 2008: When tango cultures meet

January 2008: When tango cultures cross

December 2007: More tango lessons

November 2007: My latest tango lessons

If you want to take a class or two with Ariel you can contact him on: Do tell him I sent you.

9 Replies to “Me Dancing”

  1. I am very impressed with you tango level after (only) one year dancing even if you learned in BsAs for 7 months … you worked very hard on yourself!

  2. So, that’s what you were doing all this time!
    Great to see you again, fascinating to watch your progress, quite amazing really. Best of all was to have the chance to dance with you again, a real pleasure and a priviledge.

    Hasta pronto, espero,


  3. Great! I just got back from BA (to British Columbia) after several months in Argentina. Your movies bring it all home.

  4. “I was originally looking for Catrin! We were at the same school, in the same class, in fact. I came across her short film, the tango partners dancing, and was enthralled!! SC, you are very talented, and passionate about what you love! All the best, I will be following your progress!!

  5. Hi Sal
    As Warner Brothers have blocked your video of you dancing with C I wouldnt sell them the film rights to your book
    Happy Christmas

    1. What dya mean JB my friend? Something I should know? Do I need to investigate the state of play with my YouTube channel?
      Hug and Happy Chrimbo, Sal.x.

  6. The dancing is much more inspired in the 8 weeks video than the others. This is probably because the confined space forces the man to follow the music much more. It’s very tempting to do excessive fancy stuff when you have acres of space. Also, in the subsequent videos the two elements of the couple know each other too well, a choreographic element of predictability has crept in & any feeling of suspense has almost gone. Milena Plebs said in an article some 10 years ago that the most difficult thing in tango is for the woman to do a choreography; this is because she has to “fake it” all the time: pretend she doesn’t know what comes next.

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