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  1. Hey Sallycat, here I am from the other site. 🙂 Very interesting blog, and I’m quite looking forward to reading your ebook so hurry up and finish it. 😉 What I’d really like to do is spend a few weeks in BsAs and get some dedicated tango lessons, sort of like a pilgrimage.

    Feel free to email any time you like, I’ll keep you up on what’s up here in my part of Canada.


    1. Hi Bob!

      Will drop you a mail though apologies if there is a delay as am up to my eyes with the ebook for first time tango travellers to BsAs and indeed it sounds like it could be the very thing for you!
      Thanks for checking out my stuff here and on nextstop. Hope that you find some useful tips.
      Until soon, SC

  2. Hey Sallycat,

    I’ve been getting sucked deeper into the tango blogosphere and I find your site very helpful and informative. Thanks for doing what you do!

    Congrats on your next draft of the e-book, i’m sure it’ll be great and very helpful, and feel free to drop me a line anytime if I can be of help to you.


    1. Hi Henry!
      Happy to be of service!
      Goodness, your
      map looks a pretty impressive achievement… gonna have to check out the BsAs section!
      And readers of Sallycat, do take a look at Henry’s map to check out tango near you, and far from you too!

      Ebook coming coming coming… everything takes longer than I think it will! But that’s ok.
      I will get there.

      Thanks for commenting. Your encouragement spurs me on! SC

  3. Hey, just read an old blog of yours on wordpress.com “Be who you want to be.” It popped up as a related blog when I posted mine “Provoking the Muse”

    Great to hear that you’re taking steps to make you dream come true. Courageous and AWESOME!

    At one point you, when recalling your fear of ever dancing the tango in Argentina again you said “It is proof to me that if you can dare to step outside your boundaries, your boundaries really do move. You can keep stepping further and doing more and not only do the boundaries back off but they seem to get weaker and weaker too. Or maybe I’ve got stronger.” I like to recall the words of Forest Gump when he says “maybe both are happening at the same time.”

    Hey, you inspired me and I wanted to extend my thanks.”

    Best of luck with your writing

    Larry Chaves
    Cavalier Posts

    P.S.Good Blog title by the way Sallycat.

    1. Hello Larry!
      Well thank you very much for reading, and commenting and telling me I inspired you!
      You have made my day! 🙂

      Sometimes I laugh at myself when I remember the things I was scared of when I first got here… or smile at myself with love that I just didn’t know how easy it actually is to break new ground, just by taking one step into it… there will always be stuff that I’m scared of – that’s normal I think, but being scared will never stop me trying to live my dreams. Never. (And if it starts to, I hope my friends will tell me, fast).
      Will enjoy taking a look at your blog later too.

      Warm hug, SC

  4. Thank you very much indeed for adding my blog to your link list. I am currently in Honolulu suffering from Tango Deprivation Syndrome, but should be back in Buenos Aires early next year.
    “You have to live your dreams, there’s the truth.” Petroleo – Argentine Tango Dancer (1912 – May 1995) Real name: Carlos Alberto Estevez, Todotango.com

    1. Hello Patricio
      Hey, nice to meet you in cyberspace, wishing you well for your blog and perhaps our paths will cross in Buenos Aires!
      Enjoy Honolulu…
      Un abrazo, SC

    1. Laurie, What a talented lady! At times I completely forgot there was just one person on the stage… and loved the way she blossomed in the arms of the guy, in the arms of tango. And it made me laugh too. Thx for sharing 🙂 SC

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