Meet Sallycat



Tango dancer. Writer. Adventurer.

Sally Blake is a British writer on a mission to inspire others to live their dreams.
Born in Shrewsbury in 1963, she lived the life she thought she ought to have, until the grand age of 43 when unexpected events (divorcio!) led to her first ever solo adventure, to Mongolia. There, in a slightly seedy bar in Ulaan Baatar, she heard the words ‘Argentine tango’ and so, got the chance to discover the life she really wanted. She’s been dancing ever since.

In June 2010 Sallycat published her first book, a super-useful and entertaining guide book for tango dancers, Happy Tango: Sallycat’s Guide to Dancing in Buenos Aires. She reckons it’s a great read for anyone passionate about tango and hopes it will help YOU to live your tango dreams.

Sallycat wrote this blog Sallycat’s Adventures for around four years. Now it’s time to put energy into other projects, but the blog stays online in case its content might help others setting out on life adventures.

Sally is slowly working on a new book, working title Happy Hearts Quest. Sally has been painting since 2011; you can see her paintings here.

Listen to your soul, seek joy, live your dreams, and be well.

Grateful thanks to Julie-Anne Cosgrove for the photos on this page.

63 Replies to “Meet Sallycat”

  1. She is a non-alcoholic
    She speaks good French
    She loves tonic
    She is a good horse rider
    She is a good juggler
    She is a “good runner”
    She is a great friend
    She has a too big heart for her tiny flesh
    Ter bol mash sain eej
    and SHE IS CRAZY! 😉

  2. We know who she is but she never ceases to amaze us and who knows? Argentina could be on our next year’s holiday list. Another suitcase in another hall. Looking forward to experiencing the tango, watching but not participating. Jealousy, day and night you torture me!

  3. Sally, for the short time that I have known you; you have always shown great drive and determination. Keep strong and motivated in your journey of life and l am looking forward to sharing your journey with you…

    Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending…enjoy yours!

    Love Jas x

  4. Sally your such a positive person, and real inspiration for me and everyone! I hope you have an amazing time on your adventure you really deserve it!

    Cant wait to hear all about it!

    Love Jessxxx

  5. Hi, Sal. Wow. The mongolia pix are amazing, but the Sallycat pic is extraordinary. Just so you. We’ll be watching, and thinking, and dreaming, and I hope you’ll drop us a line from time-to-time.

    Big hugs, and best luck with wherever your travels take you (here is OK!). John and Lorraine. xoxoxo

  6. Born a star and will always be a star! She’s full of surprises and will never cease to amaze us. She’s truly special – determined, creative, fun, a wonderful friend and, above all, inspirational. Sal, we love you and wish you well while you live the fabulous dream. Take extra good care of yourself our special friend.

    Much Love, Deb, Steve and Alex xxx

  7. Sally is unique. She is a gifted friend who commits herself fully to her friends,family and interests/passions. She inspires all those around her and even with continents between us her dynamic presence is felt – tanGO Sal

  8. Hi! Gabriella directed me to your site and I love reading about all the fun you two are having in BA! Also love the pics! Thanks!!!

  9. You’re a brave and inspiring gal, Sally! Reading your blogs leaves me smiling and laughing out loud sometimes…I have very itchy feet now and don’t know I can wait till November to tango in BA! Life is meant to be a glorious fun filled dream, so keep it up and be safe. Warm vibes from sunny Southampton, Yasmin xxx

  10. Sally, Can I just say that I accidentally came across your blog whilst searching the net for Tango lessons and you have really inspired me. My wife and I are looking to spend a few weeks in BA in September and will be taking Tango lessons for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  11. Hello Sally,
    I’ve just seen your video and you look fantastic; like a professional…
    I really enjoy reading your news.
    Take care and happy dancing
    Bernadette (Portsmouth)

  12. Hi Sally,

    You won’t remember me but I was at the Tango Tangk 13 that you were at with your bad foot! I’ve been reading your diary and I wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying living vicariously through you. I’m envious but envy is a negative thing so I’m thrilled for you at the same time. My plan is to visit BA some day in the not too distant future and your insights are whetting my appetite – though to visit as a tourist will be a completely different experience from integrating yourself completely, which you seem to be doing so well.

    Many happy dances – por favor baila un tango para mi!

  13. Hello Sally,
    nice to see you having fun in Buenos Aires.
    Reading of your experiences makes our moody weather in Southampton a figment and your writing brings images of passionate hope of fulfillment.

    Will be nice to meet up when you come back!
    Enjoy your dances!!!

  14. hye! i found you reading ,in a expat blog , so you are there in bs as , thats good , im from patagonia , neuquen .- its nice to see that other people could make those changes in her life.well , drop me a line ,if you want …so we could talk about something or about argentina…….
    have good nite there .

  15. Wow Sally! I have been at home for a month now and only now i found the little pink personal card you gave with your blog address. i couldnt stop reading for hours of course and all the memories from Buenos Aires have raised from the bottoms of my soul… i’m sorry i never really got to know you… but now that you’ve got an appartment in BA (congratulations!) i know where to find you!
    keep dancing chica, for all us girls for whom Buenos Aires was only un sueño!

  16. Sally,
    we met us for a dinner in Milan with Chuka and Annalisa before you gone to BA…maybe you don’t remember me…In that occasion I was in a lather… but I immediately felt you’re a great inspirational and creative person.
    Now, reading your story I’m impressed to touch your courage…I’d like to change my life but where’s the inspiration? Where looking for a new lease on life?
    That’s good example! Thanks so much Sally.
    Big hugs, and best luck with wherever your angel takes you
    Hope to see you soon…maybe in BA!! Happy dances!!

  17. hola sally!!

    hoy decidi entrar a tu pagina y leer con mucha atencion…para saber como pensas y sentis…y la verdad me gusto mucho…..
    los extraño…..hace muchisimo que no nos vemos ….estoy triste por eso….
    espero que esten bien…
    los mejores deseos y millones d besos


  18. Hi, Sally.
    If you are in my neighborhood, or plan to be in Las Canitas, please check out my bijouterie on-line first before you head this way and come see me. I am sure you will find something you like amongst the accessories I carry.
    It is a nice change from the regular ones you see at various ferias and malls.
    And it would be a great chance to meet you.
    Good luck.

  19. Dear Sally,

    I found your blog one or two weeks ago, so I’m still reading the older post before coming to the “last news”. It’s of course your personal point of view about many things of your New Life in Argentina, but with this experience in the Buenos Aires Tango-World, you have found many wonderful things of so common importance that some pages become really a kind of a Tango Gospel.
    Reading “More tango lessons” (from Dec.2007, with the attached post from two other blogs) and now “When tango cultures cross /… meet” (from Jan./ Apr. 2008), my first thougt was the desire to translate them in French (where I live) and in German (I often go to milongas there) and give them to some persons… , with the hope that perhaps it would help to break the “boxes … made of steps, of sequences, of moves, of anxiety to ‘perform’… ”. Because not only that a women can suffer, when dancing with a “decorated box”, but also because this “tango-box” destroys the conditions on the milonga floor, taking a lot of place with the complicated ‘steps’ or moving in the wrong direction with a complicated ‘sequence’, with the aim to show his ‘performance’ and to be the best and the most “advanced” dancer… And how you can dance with the music, when your main occupation on the dance floor is how to avoid a collision and how to protect the follower.
    It’s not only the “British reserve”, what you describe. This is the common Europe-mentality (and I guess, an American mentality as well), drilled in high performance, always in competition to be the best, giving always the best appearance… in a word – an Extroverted Tango, without a soul and feelings … But what a value have the feelings for the performance mentality?
    Also there are, more and more often, a lot of follower who dance ‘in competition” only to show adornos or other decoration skills, to attract the attention without being “in couple” with their leader.
    But what is worse : this performance mentality dominate the workshops. “Famous” tangueros from Buenos Aires come to Europe/USA to sell wokshops adapted only to what the students want to learn and teaching … a “stage” performance for a tango-show, not applicable on a milonga floor, and having nothing to do with the “Tango Argentino”. And the result is the competition “who can do more and who is the best” … in the show of the “decorated Tango-boxes”.

    I will now continue the reading with pleasure.

  20. Valentin

    How great you have discovered my blog and that you have found something worth passing on to others you know. It would give me great pleasure to know that you might translate some of what I write and share it in other countries. You are of course right that it is indeed only my own experience but I think you will see from the comments that others too understand where I am coming from, as you do.
    As you will see when you get to the latest posts I am now working on writing ‘an essential guide for the tango traveller’ to Buenos Aires and I may include some extracts from my blog or at least some condensed versions of some of the thoughts I have had over my time here.
    Who knows, maybe one day the book will get translated too and so reach more people!
    Still for now it is a work in progress.
    Thank you very much for your comment, and I hope you enjoy the rest of what you read.
    Stay in touch.


  21. Sally,
    For the moment I avoid to read the latest post so that I can better follow the changes in your life (with more thrill). But the idea of concentrating the experience in a book is great. Speaking of “own experience” I only wanted to put the accent on things that are of common importance for all tango dancers in the world. I was much impressed by your description of the “decorated boxes”. Because I have “only” 3 years of tango experience, but I had the chance to be in Buenos Aires just in the beginning of my tango-life, without being spoiled by numerous workshops here, were the “boxes” were created. So when I came back I was hurt by the difference between the milongas “here and there”. And by the domination of people with long time experience, full with bad habits and bad floor behaviour. But the opinion of a “beginner” doesn’t count for them, so I think a translation, even a good idea, wouldn’t help to change something. An exemple – a couple here visited recently Buenos Aires for a first time after more than 10 years of local workshop experience and they found that in Buenos Aires the tangueros don’t dance a “good tango”. It was useless even to try to change their opinion …
    However it’s too big topic for the place here, I think.
    Hope, now you will understand me right : starting to read, my first though was “Oh, a new Sally Potter …”, now I enjoy enormously your post!

  22. Valentin
    I hear you.
    And I understand you!
    I so hope the rest of the blog does not disappoint, and that you keep enjoying right up until the latest post!


  23. Hello Sallycat,
    I think you had a fabulous idea and greater than that you followed it. I am a Sicilian of origin, spent my adolescence in Nigeria my 20’s in Ireland and most of my 30’s in Iceland and there I found tango about 4 years ago.
    Than I moved back to Sicily in Catania and I discovered an entire new world through tango steps…
    I refer to Catania as the Buenos Aires of Europe in many different aspects they are close in spirit.
    Thus I recently published an illustrated book about the experience of tango and the idea of returning home, exploring the concept of identity and celebrating the moment of connection between two individuals, the music and the dance… well is there any division one might ask?
    If you would like to take a look you will find it here:
    I confess I would love to follow your steps. But until the day in which I will know how I will learn to earn my living and manage how to do it, I shall keep dreaming of it. Maybe in your book I will find out how did you arrange to move over and do it.
    Wish you all the best for all the best you wish to come your way.
    Abrazos Maria

  24. Hi Maria

    I just watched the beautiful video on your website. What exquisite illustrations and music. I loved it. What inspiring creativity.
    My own creativity is still a baby and I am tentatively exploring. I am discovering that writing the type of book that enables me to say what I really want to say is not an easy task.
    But I hold on to the idea that I want to pass on something of my experience to others so that their experience may perhaps be more joyful as a result. In the end I hope my passion may flow more readily onto the page, but for now I have to be disciplined and just keep going.
    To see your work is inspiring.
    Thank you for commenting and sharing with me. We have to keep dreaming don’t we and then at least there is a chance our dreams may come true.


  25. Hi Sallycat,

    I’ve really enjoyed your blog and writing! I’m looking for a person in Buenos Aires to do some research/writing. Please send me an email if you’re interested to hear more about it.


  26. Hi there!!!

    Amazing blog 🙂 Very inspiring to those seeking to seize life by the horns!! 🙂 And thanks for the licuado info!

    Thanks so much!!
    xoxo, Sarah Maxwell

  27. Hi Sarah

    Thanks so much for your comments.
    Wasn’t quite sure if you wanted all published, so took the information you sent out of the comment.
    Will email you pronto!

    Thanks for being in touch.
    Beso, SC

  28. Hi,

    I just found your blog and I love it!

    I’ll be in Buenos Aires next Thursday, and I can hardly wait!

    I’m reading your blog and taking notes..

    thank you for a great blog!

    oh, and glad to see you on Twitter!



    1. Hi Andrea

      Brilliant that my blog is helping you with your plans. I am delighted.
      Do take a look at the link in the side bar to my current recommendations of some of my favourite places in the city (the famous and the less famous) on
      Plus if you find anything that I have written is out of date – do please let me know.

      I am now following you on twitter and will enjoy seeing your tweets on BsAs. @sallycatway me if you need to know anything while you are in town.

      Enjoy BsAs! SC

  29. Hi Sally,

    I love your story maybe because sometimes for me it feels like reading about myself. I left Holland 14 month ago to travel around the world. Only 4 weeks ago I arrived In BA. It’s a special place for me because two years ago, I was In Argentina when I decided to quite my job and follow my dreams. So now I am back at the place where my advertures all began.

    I went to escuela de argentina and really liked it, I also have private lessons now everyday and ofcourse go to the milonga…I love tango and will stay in BA for a few month just to tango.

    But now after 4 weeks of intensive tango I need some advice about what kind of lessons, teachers etc…
    I’d really like to get in contact with you just to get some tango-live advice.

    Chau, saskia

    1. Hi Saskia, Thanks for reading. I’m delighted that you can relate to my story and how brilliant that you are following your dreams. I salute you!
      And sounds like you are pretty focused on your tango.

      Alas, for a whole host of reasons I can’t help with the one to one tango advice right now.
      My biggest ‘tango lessons’ are already documented with a fairly frank degree of honesty on this blog… some of them can be found on the ‘Me Dancing’ page
      Plus I’m working to include the most useful parts of what I’ve learned on my tango journey into a book for tango tourists… that’s where I’ve gotta put my spare energy at the moment or it will never be finished, and my dream is to help more tango travellers via that book than I ever could do individually.

      For now though, your comment has got me thinking back to my first months here. In case it helps, here’s three things that I began to know for myself about then:

      1. Feel great not be great… I realised I wanted to feel great (and for my partners to feel great) when I danced. I cared less and less about being great.
      2. Less is more… One excellent teacher (who suited me, understood what I needed, built my foundations strong and true and who didn’t necessarily have to be famous) was enough.
      3. It takes time… My body will not be rushed and more classes, more teachers, more (self imposed) pressure can slow it down or even paralyse it for a while. Dancing socially (for joy in my case) helps it relax, learn and remember.

      I wish you joy and discovery on your tango and life adventures! SC

  30. Hey Sally

    Getting ready to make my way to BA…VERY excited–my duaghter’s coming for first week-never did I ever think I would be taking a tango lesson with my kid!!!
    Wondering if there’s anything you need from the states–books/English food??

    All the best,

    1. Hey Neil,
      Lovely to hear your excitement for your trip! I wish you guys a fantastic time. Thanks so much for your kind offer. I’ll contact you pronto 🙂

  31. Sally, hello!
    I am heading out to BsAs at the start of 2010 for at least 1 year & would like to pick your brains on both tango & Spanish classes. Let me know if you can help & I’ll try & meet up when I come out.

    Fellow brit..

    1. Hi Kirsteen
      Delighted to hear you are making the trip to Buenos Aires!

      I do hope my book – see my post: – will be available by then and that it will answer many of your questions. Otherwise, coffee when you get here a possibility (all things being equal, as I’m not much one for planning ahead)… in exchange for a large bar of Galaxy chocolate of course 😉
      Drop me a comment here when you arrive and we’ll take it from there.

      I’m sorry I can’t offer more right now in the way of email exchanges to answer questions ahead of time, but I have got to put all my writing effort into the book, or it will never be finished! Hope you understand, and that maybe you can find some information to help you plan within the blog – general tourist stuff on the Top Tips pages, some ‘tango lessons’ grouped together on the Me Dancing page, my story and oh so much stuff about BsAs in the Archives, and of course many useful links on the Links page.

      I wish you great joy as you plan your trip. SC

    1. Hey Tom, glad you stopped by the blog! Was good meeting you too. Here’s to successful cabeceos from now on!
      Enjoy the rest of your trip 🙂 SC

  32. Hi Sallycat,

    What a great blog! Beautiful videos and a great story. My name is Cori and I am a California native, living in South America for the last 5 years, unable to tame my tango abilities as of yet. About a year ago, I, along with another expat, created a new concept learn-Spanish series called Bueno, entonces… – The course is like Rosetta Stone meets South Park – it’s comprehensive yet edgy and funny. Best of all, it’s geared toward expats and travelers in Argentina and might be interesting for your readers.

    As a new company, we are trying to get the word out about our product – and we are hoping to count on fellow expats here in Argentina for support! I was researching expat blogs here in Argentina when I came across yours – which is very nicely put together!

    I thought that most likely a lot of people who read your blog want to learn Spanish. If you’re interested in helping us out AND getting your blog noticed, let me know and I can send you some more information. Gracias!


    1. OK Cori, ta for stopping by and commenting.
      Glad you like my blog – thanks.
      When I get a chance I’ll drop you a line.
      Would be interested to know more about Bueno Entonces. Have heard of it. Just haven’t had time to look into it yet!
      Hasta pronto, SC.x.

  33. Sally,

    Hi my name is Lucy. I want to let you know about a blogging contest I am having where you can win 2 tickets to a tango show of your choosing. Since you’re a tango lover in Buenos Aires, I thought you might be interested.


    1. Hi Lucy, to be honest, prefer dancing tango socially to watching the shows – have seen a few of them now… but good luck with your venture. SC

  34. Living a real life, eh Sally? It’s great what you’ve created here, I’d like to do something like it for the India project I’m in. Perhaps I can link it,

    I’ll keep reading your journey, and may post an update or two from me?

    I wish you very well,

    Priyadaka (Lucian)

    1. Hey Priyadaka! (highly cool name).
      Very good to hear from you. Yeah, a real life eh? Spot on!
      Started that night back in 2006 when I think you were in the car with J. in the wilds of the north of England and I rang to say that I was going to Mongolia alone. Do you remember?
      What a journey since then…

      Why don’t you start a blog about your work? Might help raise the profile. Just a thought.
      I wish you very well too. Hug, SC

  35. Hi Sallycat

    Love your blog! Two weeks ago, I came across your blog when I was on the verge of giving up learning Argentine Tango! I started AT in January and still having problems with my balancing, doing pivots, luna, etc. I felt so frustrated, so clumsy, so big 😛 After reading a couple of your entries, it gave me a spark of hope and that maybe it is too early for me to call it quits for AT. Had a chat with my teacher who said I am actually progressing well. He is very encouraging and I have supportive classmates too. So now I am starting to enjoying learning AT again.

    I am planning to visit BsAs this December, hopefully I will bump into you 😉


    1. Hello Sandie, oh gosh, yours is the sort of comment that makes me so happy I wrote about my adventures.
      Somehow, somewhere, my writing has made a tiny difference in The Universe.
      Enjoying it (AT or whatever it is) is all that matters… if you do, don’t stop. Please.

      Warmest of encouraging hugs, dance for joy dear girl! SC

  36. Hola Sally

    Just bought your book online. Will let you know how long it takes to arrive. Am off to BsAs in August (2nd visit) and looking forward to your hot tips.


    1. Thank you Terry. I hope the book arrives in good time and that you enjoy it and find it useful for your trip to Buenos Aires!
      Do let me know 🙂

  37. Sally, you have the most beautiful and ceative videos on the web dancing argentine tango. I have not bought your book yet, but I am sure that I will. Everyone to whom I show your dacing loves it, every single dance partner and my dance instructor — who is passionate about tango.

    1. Hi Tom, what a lovely comment to wake up to!
      Thank you. I’m really glad you have enjoyed my videos – I think they tell an interesting story, and that’s why I leave them on the web… from week 8 in Buenos Aires, with dear Ariel, to dancing at my mum and dad’s Golden Wedding with my love, Carlos… what a journey, and it isn’t over yet. Perhaps there will be another video one day, and another chapter in the story. The book, Happy Tango, is the latest chapter in my story, and I do hope that you will buy the book, and that you will enjoy it!
      Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos and to comment. I really appreciate it.

  38. Hi Sally,

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR BOOK. Just before leaving the States for BsAs, a friend gave me your book to read. It has been invaluable! I am in BsAs now, taking lessons, seeing the sites, sleeping way too little and eating way to many medialunas!

    I was hoping to find you here, but think you are in the UK where you need to be. Argentine hugs and kisses to you.

    I will certainly recommend your book to friends who make the journey in the future!

    United States

    1. Hello Ann!
      Brilliant that you are using my book – in Buenos Aires! So wonderful to hear that you are finding it useful… thank you so much for commenting here and letting me know. It is great to hear that you’ll feel able to pass news of it on to your friends. Perhaps, in time, when you have time, you might consider writing me a 5* review on Amazon too – every one of these helps me so much, though I only ask people when they tell me they really like the book, as I do want the book to speak for itself, of course 🙂
      Do keep an eye on the book’s blog of Updates on the website at as already I have posted one update there.
      Yes I am in the UK – as you have possibly read, my mum is unwell and I want to be with her right now – but BsAs will still be there for me, and I will be dancing there again very soon!
      Keep enjoying your tango adventure and may my book bring you many Happy Tangos in Buenos Aires and beyond.
      Un abrazo, SC

  39. Hi Sally!! I found your notes about Argentina very interesting, I’d like speak with you, do you have any email? Thank you so much,

    1. Hi Cristina,
      Thanks very much for your comment and I am very happy that you have found my blog interesting. That’s great. Do reply and let me know what you’d like to talk about, I will contact you if I think I can help. Hope that’s OK, only I am in the UK at the moment with my family – my mum is not well, and though I am keeping up with my blog comments, I am not doing a lot of emailing.
      With kindest wishes, SC

  40. Hi Sally,

    I love your blog! I’m new to the tango scene in the UK (I’ve been tangoing in Canada, the US, Germany and Sweden so not new to the dance but new to London). Are you still in the UK? Do you have time for a coffee? I would love to chat with you.

    Hope your mom is okay.


    1. Hi Sam!
      Great that you have enjoyed my blog! It’s always a boost to get a message saying so, and especially at the moment. Thank you!
      I’m in the UK, yes, but in Shrewsbury, Shropshire and unlikely to get to London… I’ll try to be in touch in the coming days.
      Mum is doing as well as can be expected, but it’s a toughie and so life is pretty unpredictable for us all (more so than usual I mean!).
      Un abrazo, SC

  41. Im sorry I couldnt find your contact info on your site, so I figured that this was the next best way to contact you…

    Attn: Webmaster,

    My name is Dominick DalSanto and i have a new blog at and a longer established one at

    We are a site that specializes in information for travel, and living in BA. The content on your site, your experience and expertise we feel would be a great contribution to our site. We would like to propose a link exchange. The exchange would benefit both our sites, helping to improve our Search Engine Ranking. The more Links a site has, generally the higher its Search Engine position becomes. Please place this link on your link exchange page and send me a link to the page you have placed it on so that I can verify., Also, I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a guest post on our blog? We are always looking for fresh content for our site, especially from great writers like you have at your site., Please let me know what you think. Even if you do not want to provide a guest post for us, we still would like to exchange links with you. Thanks again for your time., If you wish I can add you to our link section as well.

    Please respond to this email with your link information.


    Dominick DalSanto

    1. Hi Dominick
      Thanks for your proposal of a link exchange. I’ll be honest, I tend to hand pick the links for my links page to best assist the tango dancers and travellers who read my blog. I do review the links regularly and update them and will certainly keep an eye on your sites and include them if they look like they can help my readers. Thanks for telling me about them. When I’ve had a chance to look properly at your new site, I’ll think about a guest post too. Thanks for the invitation!
      Good luck with your new site. I will look forward to reading it!

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