Live your dreams

Picture of tango sallycat I’ve done it. I’ve proved beyond doubt that I am an addict and possibly quite mad. I have bought a twelve month ticket to Buenos Aires. On 7th March at 9.10pm I will be taking off on a British Airways non stop flight to tango heaven.

At the beautiful age of forty three and with the grand total of three months dancing experience behind me, it is time to live my dreams.

My goal is simple: to become the greatest female tango dancer that Hampshire has ever seen… I am kind of joking of course, but then again if you don’t aim high then you probably won’t climb even half way up. And anyway who knows what may be possible with enough hard work and passion? Did I say Hampshire? On second thoughts I meant planet earth… Course I want to live in a different culture, learn Spanish and sample a few Argentine lovers (Well I can’t leave that one off the list can I?). Maybe at some point I can also find a cheap way to visit Antartica. But that’s another story.

Lots of people are asking me how come I can do this. Have I had to resign my job? Abandon my children? Leave my husband? Answers are: no job to resign; no children to abandon; he left me. After sixteen years of marriage I’ve got a little bit of cash and a lot of freedom. I intend to use it. In my ‘warrior’ moments I am a free spirit, a courageous adventurer and will stay in Argentina forever, maybe popping back after three months to rent out my flat and dance a few perfect tangos at Archers Road. When I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t sleep, I know I’ll never once get asked to dance at a Buenos Aires Milonga and I’ll be back here within a month, with less dancing confidence than I have now. I guess the truth is somewhere in between.

I will post the truth here. What is the reality of going to Argentina to pursue the tango dream? What are the highlights, the horrors, the practicalities, the men like? OK I’ll mention how gorgeous the women are too.

Knowing that people are reading my story will give me strength and it will save me writing hundreds of emails. Also it means that if you if you are coming out to BA and want to ask me anything or if you just want to stay in touch you can do it through this page. Before I leave I’ll write about the preparation phase – not that I’m much of a planner but even I have to organise a few things in advance. Better get that Spanish CD on then…